Ultima Carbon Fiber Lite

ultima carbon fiber lite curling broom

About the Carbon Fiber Lite Broom from Ultima

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  • Official Description: A great choice for those looking to get into the “high end” carbon fiber brush market.
  • Retail Price: $109.00

The Ultima Carbon Fiber Lite curling broom is the top of the line offering from Ultima. This is the lightest weight broom made by this manufacturer, and it is a great choice for players looking for every possible advantage. The light weight handle will prevent fatigue over long bonspiel weekends, and the articulating performance head will adapt to your preferred sweeping angle. At just $109 this broom is a real bargain compared to other carbon fiber options on the market.

Additional Facts:

  • Available 3 color combinations (Teal pictured here)
  • Available in 1″ or 1 1/8″ handle thickness

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