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Tournament Eagle Men's curling shoes

About the Eagle Men’s Curling Shoes from Tournament

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  • Official Description: Improved design with better outsole and more comfortable fit.
  • Retail Price: $79.00

The Tournament Eagle Men’s curling shoes are an affordable option for entry level curlers. These shoes feature plain soles with a naturally grippy surface. The slider is 1/16″ thick which is a good choice for beginners who are still working on balance. The reinforced toe and padded tongue add comfort and stability, especially for the trailing foot. Overall, if you are a beginner or infrequent curler who doesn’t want to spend big bucks on curling shoes, these are a good choice.

3 reviews of “Tournament Eagle

  1. James Smart

    The Tournament Eagle was my first ever curling shoe. I purchased my pair after about 3 months of curling and used them for next 2 years. I found this shoe about what I expected, an entry-level shoe for the beginning curler that did everything I needed it to do. I have since upgraded to a more competitive level shoe with a 5/32 slider that will help take my curling game to the next level. I will mention that about 1.5 years into curling with my pair of Tournament Eagle’s, the slider partially came off which I fixed myself using super glue. However, like I said, this is a very basic curling shoe designed for the beginner who might not want to spend upwards of $200 or more on a piece of equipment until they know that they will be curling for a long time and are willing to pay more for increased performance and style.

  2. Heather Smart

    I have these tournament eagle shoes in a women’s version. I got them when I first starting curling, and currently still use them. I think they are a good beginner shoe, and have no complaints. I am happy with their durability and comfort. They definitely help keep your feet warmer on the ice and they are reasonably priced. The only complaint is that they are not all that attractive, but for what they cost, it is a great beginner shoe.

  3. Marilyn Reimer

    Bought a pair of Eagle tournament shoes in fall of 2015, by January 2016 they started to crack on the right foot. I returned them to the place of purchase and they replaced them. I started to curl as a spare again in September. Sometimes twice a week, mostly once. The right foot has completely cracked and lost pieces of it, this started around end of January. Disappointed in the shoe. How do you stop this from occurring?


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