Tips for Buying Your First Curling Broom

By Nick Kitinski – When you start curling, you always wonder what equipment you should buy. Do I need to spend a cool $200 on a broom? Well, it is up to you and your budget, but let us help you out a bit and look at the facts.

As a beginner you probably only need a broom that is just a step up from the wooden club broom that you started out with. Old school brooms that most clubs tend to have are heavy, worn out, and usually have a fixed brush head. For as little as $70 you can enter the market with a fiberglass broom with a swivel head. Now we are talking big changes, and if that is not enough then keep on reading. What will you be getting for the price? You will get a much lighter broom shaft, better brush pads (as in more effective) and more choices in color and design.

curling brooms, old vs new

Now, do you really need all that? Well, if you compete seriously and play 2-3 games daily for several days, yes. When playing multiple games in a day, the weight of the broom will be a big factor in your level of fatigue. Not to mention that the better broom head will have a greater impact on the rock with each sweep of the broom.

For a player’s first broom and regular club play, I would settle for the $70 broom and be very happy that I finally get to use the same broom every time. Make sure you pick the right handle thickness, 1” or the 1- 1/4” size to fit your grip. Aside from that, just remember to keep the brooms on the ice…