Ten Gift Ideas for Curlers

Christmas is fast approaching, and though the holidays are mostly enjoyable, it can sometimes be difficult to find unique and thoughtful gifts for all of the people on your list. If you know a curler, hopefully this list can give you a few ideas to make your Christmas shopping a bit easier. Below are ten gift ideas for curlers. Hurry hard to pick one or all of these up!

  1. Kodiak Curling MaxGRIP gloves – Fun gloves with a house design on the palms that grip the broom better than any other curling gloves on the market.
  2. Funny Curling T-shirt – Yes, these exist.
  3. Curling Christmas Ornament – Festive, fun, and the perfect addition to any Christmas tree.
  4. Ticket/Hotel package for the 2016 Continental Cup in Las Vegas – See some of the top teams in the world compete in Las Vegas!
  5. Crazy Curling Pants (like Team Norway) – Distract the other team with optical illusions on your legs.
  6. Used Antique Curling Stone – Who couldn’t use a 46 pound rock with a handle in their home?
  7. Kodiak Button Beanie – It keeps you warm and makes your head look like a curling house.
  8. Entry into a bonspiel – For those who like to give an experience rather than stuff.
  9. Curling Art – What is art? This is art.
  10. Curling License Plate Frame – It’s possible you’ll get pulled over less often if the cops know you curl.

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