Olson ReactorX Flatshaft Fiberlite

olson reactor x fiberlite curling broom

About the ReactorX Flatshaft Fiberlite Broom from Olson

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  • Official Description: Olson’s Reactor X Fiberlite Broom features an ultra light Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass blend Handle and a black polycarbonite shell. The RX-LT has an adjustable swivel tension head, embedded graphics in the handle and now comes complete the OPTI Pad. (From Olson)
  • Retail Price: $94.95

The Fiberlite ReactorX broon from Olson is a lightweight, extremely effective sweeping tool. The defining feature of this broom is the “flatshaft” construction, which essentially means that the broom handle is square rather than round. The flat surface created by the squared handle allows an experienced sweeper to apply extra downward pressure during sweeping compared to a traditional rounded handle. The composite material provides enough flex and strength to hold up to intense pressure. The price is a steal compared to some pure carbon fiber brooms, which is great for the wallet.

One review of “Olson ReactorX Flatshaft Fiberlite

  1. Michael Bakk

    I have used many brands and styles of brooms over a long curling career and the Olson Reactor Flatshaft is my favorite by far. It is very lightweight which provides for a more active and aggressive sweeping stroke. The adjustable head lets the curler lock in their preferred head angle or it can be allowed to free float (my preference). The Flatshaft (square vs. round handle) accommodates more downforce with a very effective result. At $100 or less, it is a lot of broom for the money.


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