Olson Ole with 5/32 Flex Perimeter Slider

olson ole stone flex perimeter

About the Ole Flex Perimeter Curling Shoes from Olson

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  • Official Description: Olson’s Ole series curling shoes feature durable action leather, fleece lining and comes with a 5/32″ Flex Perimeter Slider. Olson’s line of curling shoes are lightweight; thereby, eliminating unnecessary drag.
  • Retail Price: $179.95

This iteration of Olson’s Ole series of shoes is distinguished by its slider. The slider on this model is 5/32″ thick, which is a proper thickness for advanced players, but the more interesting feature is the hole near the ball of the sliding foot. This gap in the slider forces your weight to the outside of the sole which helps to increase stability during delivery. The flexibility of the slider also aids in allowing full motion of the foot. This shoe is also light weight and your feet will stay warm thanks to the fleece lining. Overall this is a good choice for intermediate to advanced curlers.

Available in four colors: Black, White, Lime (pictured in gallery), and Stone (pictured).

2 reviews of “Olson Ole with 5/32 Flex Perimeter Slider

  1. Brad Macdonald

    I really like this new color of ole’s. Had an older pair of the black/white, but was lucky to get these for Christmas. Played one time so far on them, better than my old pair.

  2. David Horie

    Loved the fit and feel of these shoes, but they fell apart where the sole is attached to the upper at two years. Also the rubber on the toe of the trailing foot deteriorated. Maybe fine for once a week curler but they are not at all durable.


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