Olson Ladies Fly with 3/32″ Flex Slider

olson ladies fly curling shoes berry pink

About the Ladies Fly Curling Shoes from Olson

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  • Official Description: Olson’s Fly series curling shoes feature durable action leather uppers, fleece lining and come with an Intermediate 3/32″ Flex Slider./li>
  • Retail Price: $154.95

These Fly Women’s curling shoes from Olson are certain to catch the eye no matter what color you choose; pink (pictured), purple, or blue. But these shoes are more than looks. The 3/32″ flex slider is great for intermediate to advanced curlers, allowing stability and consistency in delivery. The fleece lining will keep your feet comfortable and warm over 10+ ends of an intense match.

One review of “Olson Ladies Fly with 3/32″ Flex Slider

  1. Margaret F.

    They are attractive, comfortable, stable and consistent in delivery, but that’s about it. I’m in my 3rd year of these shoes, and honestly, they do not last. In talking to others who have this same shoe, we have all asked the same question, “Is the lining the back of the shoe wearing off?” The answer is a resounding “yes” for all. The backs of my shoes on the inside have worn completely through, lining and foam. This happened during the 1st year with these shoes. I have them patched up with thick mole skin for now. The front stitching is coming apart. Part of my slider is starting come off. I had hoped they would last longer. I don’t recommend these if you intend to wear them a few years. My feet don’t stay warm, but that may be just me. Even as front end person who does a ton of sweeping, my feet get cold. I wear thick, wool socks to combat this. There are 2 things that these have going for them. They very comfortable to stand/move in for 2 hours or more. They are very attractive. I’d say this the only attractive curling shoe I’ve seen. It’s too bad they don’t last.


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