Kodiak Curling One Click Custom Curling Shoes

Kodiak Curling one click custom shoes

About the One Click Custom Shoes from Kodiak Curling

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  • Official Description: For years top level curlers have been modifying their own shoes to get peak performance and show off their personal style. Kodiak Curling is making it easier and more affordable than ever to get your own modified curling shoes with their “one click custom” concept.
  • Retail Price: $120.00

This is an interesting concept from Kodiak Curling. For quite a while there has been a trend for curlers to either make their own curling shoes or to use a service that would modify their shoes for them. Making your own can be difficult and time consuming, while sending your shoes away can take a long time and be quite expensive (sometimes $180 or more on top of the cost of the shoes!). Kodiak Curling has introduced the “one click custom” concept to provide an alternative to making your own or sending your shoes out to a third party. With this product, you just select your size and color as you would with buying any other shoes online, and Kodiak will then modify the shoes to order and send them to you. For now, they only offer the ubiquitous and trendy Chuck Taylor shoe, but they expect to offer more models in the future.

The Chuck Taylors are modified with two 1/8″ slider discs attached to the sliding foot, and tacky crepe rubber attached to the gripper foot. The Chuck Taylor shoes come with a solid rubber toe on each shoe, so a toe coat is basically standard on both feet. At $120, this is intended to be an entry level curling shoe. The Chuck Taylor shoes are available in several colors, so curlers who like to show a bit of individuality should enjoy this as an option for affordable yet unique curling footwear.

One review of “Kodiak Curling One Click Custom Curling Shoes

  1. Alex

    I’ve only worn these for a few sessions, but so far I really like them. The fit is great, especially compared to my previous curling shoes from Asham and Olson. These slide really well, and the sliders are attached very securely to the sole of the sliding foot. The gripper material is soft and a bit sticky, and it provides great traction on the ice. My feet were a bit cold in these at first compared to other curling shoes I’ve owned, but thick socks and an insole have pretty much taken care of that issue. Overall this is a good option for new curlers, especially anyone who isn’t able to try on curling shoes before making a purchase (since everyone can find a place to try on chucks!).


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