Hogline Rapid

hogline rapid fiberglass curling broom

About the Rapid Broom from Hogline

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  • Official Description: Hogline’s lightest 100% fiberglass handled broom ever. Great colors and styling, along with an incredible price to weight ratio, is quickly making this a best seller.
  • Retail Price: $75.00

The Rapid broom from Hogline is a stylish and effective broom aimed at curlers who are new to the sport. The Rapid broom is made of fiberglass, but it has the weight and feel of a composite broom. You can be sure that this broom will hold up to several seasons of play thanks to Hogline’s innovative Smart Core technology, which prevents the broom head from loosening as is common in other brands of curling brooms. The bold colors and great design round out a fantastic broom for beginners or curlers on a budget.

Additional Facts:

  • Made in USA
  • Available 3 color combinations (Green pictured here)
  • Available in 1 1/8″ handle thickness

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