Hardline Curling Broom

hardline broom with icePad

About the Hardline Curling Broom with icePad Broom Head

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  • Official Description: Hardline broom handles are made with ultra lightweight carbon fiber and come in 1 1/8″ and 1” handles. Combined with an Icepad brush, Hardline curling brooms are the lightest, most effective brooms on the planet. (From Hardline Curling)
  • Retail Price: $140.00

Hardline Curling company specializes in brooms, which is why the Hardline Broom with icePad head is a high performance, ultra light weight sweeping machine. The broom handles weigh in at just 165 grams (for 1 1/8″ model) or 145 grams (1″ model) thanks to the 100% carbon fiber construction. You may notice a little flex in the broom handle when sweeping with your full body weight, but the materials are durable enough to stand up to world class level sweepers.

Additional Facts

  • Used by Mike McEwen

2 reviews of “Hardline Curling Broom

  1. Tom Sawyer

    I love this broom. It’s very lightweight and durable. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Lauren

    Great product ! Although it may take some minor adjustments and getting used to I would recommend it to anyone. the science behind it was enough to convince me. Very lightweight and the heads stay newer looking longer . Does any one else love that new head feel well the hardline broom stays like that until it was practically falling apart. 5 stars and I could never go back to my old broom


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