Goldline Quantum Z

Goldline Quantum Z curling shoes

About the Quantum Z Curling Shoes from Goldline

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  • Official Description: Every so often, an idea is launched that defies convention, pushes through barriers, and extends performance advantages previously unavailable. Introducing the revolutionary Quantum Curling Shoe!
  • Retail Price: $239.00 (Slider Discs Sold Separately)

The Quantum Z curling shoe from Goldline is nearly identical to the Quantum X model. This shoe features an innovative, interchangeable disc system. With the quantum line, separate miniature slider discs snap into the sole of each shoe. You can customize these shoes to your liking by picking the slider discs that match your ice conditions and skill level, and because the discs are fast and easy to swap out, you can change them as often as you like. Keep in mind that the discs are sold separately though, so you will need to add that to the overall cost of these shoes (discs pictured below).

The Quantum Z is more than just the slider system however. The white color definitely looks stylish, and the thick padding will keep your feet warm over a long match. Additionally, the high quality materials and construction are sure to hold up for several seasons, meaning the high price tag is definitely justifiable.

slider discs for quantum z curling shoes

2 reviews of “Goldline Quantum Z

  1. James Smart

    Played my first game with my new pair of “z’s” Sunday night. They are hands down the best pair of curling shoes I have ever had. They are so comfortable and I like how the sole of the shoe is about twice as thick as other curling shoes on the market. They were a bit slippery at first but I have had this experience with other brand new curling shoes before, and by the 4th end or so I was feeling very confident I could start/stop whenever I wanted to. Can’t wait to get more games in these shoes under my belt!

    1. James Smart

      Used my relatively new “z’s” in their first bonspiel last weekend. They performed well, however, I had one gripper disc pop off in the hack and it broke one of the teeth used to hold it in place. This happened in game 3. I was able to re-insert and it held for the rest of that game but did come off again one time in game 4 because it is not held in place by all the teeth on the underside. I will have to get a set of replacement discs going forward. This is a very minor issue overall in what I believe are the best curling shoes I have ever had. Fyi. -james


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