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Goldline Quantum X Curling Shoes

About the Quantum X Curling Shoes from Goldline

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  • Official Description: Every so often, an idea is launched that defies convention, pushes through barriers, and extends performance advantages previously unavailable. Introducing the revolutionary Quantum Curling Shoe!
  • Retail Price: $219.00 (Slider Discs Sold Separately)

The Quantum X curling shoe from Goldline is a unique and fresh new concept in curling footwear. Instead of a large slider that is bonded to the sole, or even a removable slider that attaches via velcro, the Quantum shoe utilizes seven small discs that snap into the sole. This opens up a wide variety of customization options, and eliminates the distinction of “right handed” or “left handed” shoes. Each pair ships with a complete set of gripper discs, but slider discs are sold separately. Slider discs are available in a variety of materials and accordingly each type of slider has a different speed rating (pictured below). Choose the discs that work best for your skill level and also the ice conditions you normally play on, but feel free to buy and try multiple sets of sliders, that is the beauty of the Quantum X from Goldline.

slider discs for quantum z curling shoes

8 reviews of “Goldline Quantum X

  1. Rick Grady

    Just got my pair a few weeks ago. I was so pumped to see a new technology shoe and am pleased so far. First couple throws I was a tad nervous, but the 7 mini sliders really cover all the touch points on the ice. Excellent performance and very comfortable. I think this is the wave of the future and I’m in on the ground floor!

  2. Richard Wakem

    i have a pair of these, they are a good idea as i am left handed and i can adjust the sliders as my skill improves

    the “initial” batch of grippers and sliders were poor quality, to be fair Gold line replaced these, in fact they informed of the issues
    now have revised pods which work well

    one word of caution – at out rink there is a sticky mat at the entrance, be aware these can pull the gripper pods out
    as i found out last night

    1. Alex Post author

      Just to back up Richard, I have seen the gripper discs pop out from the shoes quite easily. The gripper discs tend to get stuck in the hack. Hopefully this is a problem Goldline will address soon.

  3. Jim Doubt

    I have had my quantum e’s for two weeks. Agree that the gripper disks too often get stuck in the hack. The gripper disk at the toe is worn to the extent that it is shedding rubber. The toe needs redesign in a way that more rubber touches the ice when stepping to sweep. Heel diks are also showing wear. A big problem to keep the ice clean and very expensive to maintain.
    One slider disk has delaminates and I am already on a second set of disks. Not sold on this shoe in its’ present configuration.

  4. Kara

    I’ve had the shoes for only 3 months, and hate them to an extent that I just (today) spent $185 to get a pair of Olsens to replace them, and did so despite not knowing if I can get the store I originally bought the Quantums from to take them back (have already tried once).

    At least one gripper disc pops out & breaks per game (note this is with the new “improved” discs), the ‘teeth’ of the discs break off and litter the ice (hard to see white plastic to clean it up before it sends a rock flying), and the toe is already horribly worn (I play less than 1/week). The other challenge not mentioned above is that they are VERY heavy.

    The concept is interesting, the execution of it is very poor.

  5. Todd

    Two kids playing competitive curling. we have been through 4 pairs of these shoes in the last year and half. Shoes fall apart at the seams. disks are terrible and always falling out. Had to by stainless steal disk as the other wear through. Now the disks leave marks on the ice WAISTE OF MONEY DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES. Goldline should be embarrassed!!!!

  6. Brian Lamb

    Here I thought it was me. I have experienced the same problems as above. The disc do not last long. I have given up on the gripper shoe and just use a slip on gripper.


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