Goldline Podium Silver

goldline podium silver mens curling shoes

About the Podium Silver Men’s Curling Shoes from Goldline

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  • Official Description: The Men’s Podium Silver curling shoes are designed specifically for the intermediate and advanced curler without compromise. The shoe features a leather upper, a 5/32″ hinged slider, and silver accents.
  • Retail Price: $189.00

The Silver model of the Podium series from Goldline is a step up from the Podium Bronze (as you probably guessed already). This version is intended for intermediate to advanced curlers, so it packs in several advanced features. The internal stabilization system helps to distribute your weight evenly across the width of the slider. This aids in maintaining stability and consistency during delivery. The air cushion unit in the heel makes each step comfortable while keeping your feet warm. The high quality materials and construction used throughout the shoes mean these will last you several seasons.

One review of “Goldline Podium Silver

  1. Patrick Kingsley

    I ended up purchasing the Goldline Podium Silvers as Goldline had a REALLY good deal on their website. I liked the look of the Goldline shoes as they looked more like a traditional shoe instead of a bulky curling shoe. The packaging of the shoes are really first rate. It’s nice to see a manufacturer take some pride on the packaging of their product. The shoes themselves are extremely comfortable and flex very close to a regular sneaker which is nice. Having gone from regular sneakers (using a slider) to these, my feet are much warmer on the ice now. The shoes are very stable on the ice for me which is a plus because the most stable shoe isn’t necessarily the most comfortable to have on. after about 1 years use (once a week) I have noticed that the leather, at least the black outer finish is showing some serious wear which I assume is normal as its the foot I drag off the hack. What would be nice to see is maybe a slider somehow sewn or velcroed into the upper toe area of that shoe which could eliminate wear and reduce drag. I’m sure there’s a reason why this isn’t done though. Overall I am happy with the shoe and I think it has helped to improve my game even if by a little bit.


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