Goldline Podium Magenta

Goldline Podium Magenta

About the Podium Magenta Women’s Curling Shoes from Goldline

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  • Official Description:The Ladies Podium Silver (Magenta) curling shoes are one of Goldline’s most popular models for competitive club curlers who are looking for an edge in speed and stability.
  • Retail Price: $189.00

The Goldline Podium Magenta curling shoes are also known as the Ladies Podium Silver. These are the women’s version of the popular men’s shoe, with a few special touches. The most obvious difference is the magenta accent color throughout the shoe, but there is more. This shoe features a 5/32″ hinged slider, a leather upper, and is available in women’s sizes 5 through 10 in regular or wide widths. This is a fantastic value for competitive curlers looking for a step up from entry level shoes to gain a bit of extra stability and consistency of delivery.

One review of “Goldline Podium Magenta

  1. Lisa McSwain

    I really like my goldline’s. They are very warm which is important for me because my feet get cold easily. I think they perform well too and also look nice aesthetically because we all want to look good out there on the ice!


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