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About the Podium Gold Men’s Curling Shoes from Goldline

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  • Official Description: The Podium series curling shoes were developed in consultation with TEAM MARTIN and equip every level of curler with footwear that optimizes performance and comfort. The Podium Gold has been an overwhelming success at elite levels, being adopted by Kevin Martin, John Morris and competitive curlers throughout the world. (From
  • Retail Price: $259.00

The Gold model of the Podium series from Goldline is a step up from the Podium Silver. Fittingly, the Podium Gold is Goldline’s top of the line curling shoe (among their traditional styles). Every detail of this shoe is finely crafted to suit the specifications of world class curlers such as Kevin Martin. Features of the shoe include a 1/4″ hinged slider, a rich genuine leather upper with a lace cover, and a reinforced leather patch inside the heel that increases the life of the shoe by reducing wear. If you are a serious curler looking to compete at the highest levels, or if you just like to have the very best equipment available, the Podium Gold could be the perfect choice.

3 reviews of “Goldline Podium Gold

  1. Ben Carter

    The Podium Gold is the best shoe I have ever owned, period. I have been an active curler for over 15 years and this shoe is heads and shoulders above anything else I have worn throughout the years. High performance, comfort, and style all wrapped in one. I recommend it to anyone who desires the best in class.

  2. Casey Withers

    Love my podium golds. They allow me to dominate the ice at all times (just kidding)! Great construction, last for multiple seasons. Price is a bit up there but you get what you pay for in life.

  3. Greg Belson

    Top quality all the way. That is how I would describe the Gold version of the Podiums. The materials are all high quality, so this is the kind of shoe that costs a lot up front but you know it will last you for several years. The slider is nice and thick which will provide a great base for delivery on all types of surfaces. You won’t regret buying this shoe!


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