Goldline Podium Bronze

Goldline Podium Bronze Curling Shoes

About the Podium Bronze from Goldline

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    The Podium Bronze curling shoe is aimed at the entry curler and affords no compromise. This shoe features leather uppers, the Podium “lateral stability” sole so key to elite performance, and a 3/32″ slider.
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The Bronze model of the Podium series from Goldline may be intended for beginner or entry level curlers, but that does not mean it is lacking in advanced features. A built in stabilization system distributes your weight evenly across the width of the slider which helps with stability during delivery. The air cushion unit in the heel helps keep your feet warm and comfortable. The high quality materials and construction throughout every detail of the shoe mean that if you buy a pair it will definitely last you a long time.

One review of “Goldline Podium Bronze

  1. Brian Easterman

    New to curling, a couple guys at my club have goldline shoes and they like them so I went ahead and got the base model (they have better ones). This is my first pair of curling shoes and I’ve had them for about 3 months now. I really dig them, it is so much nicer than my tennis shoes and using a “stand-on slider”. I think they perform great for my level and I am sliding further and further towards the hog line on my deliveries which is my goal! I think I’ll use these for another season or two then move up for more performance, but I’m a goldline guy for life!


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