Goldline Carbon Fiber Curling Broom

Goldline Carbon Fiber Brush

About the Carbon Fiber Curling Broom from Goldline

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  • Official Description: 100% carbon fiber shaft – ultra light, but ultra strong, full sliding bar for optimal stability, 360˚ rotation for maximum effectiveness, revolutionary Norway oval pad for focused weight transfer and simple pad replacement. (From Goldline)
  • Retail Price: $169.00

The Goldline Carbon Fiber curling broom is the ultimate brush for competitive curlers. This broom is ultra light but does not sacrifice stability to save a few ounces. With carbon fiber technology you will be able to apply your full body weight to your sweeping motion to maximize effectiveness, but at the same time you will have an ultra light weight broom that won’t sap your energy. The Norway pad, which features the Norway flag, will help you get the maximum efficiency out of each motion so your team will be able to draw to the button with ease. The full sliding bar will also provide ample stability during your delivery. Overall, this is a high end broom with a fitting price tag.

Available in 1″ or 1 1/8″ handle size

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