Curling Brooms – Reviews and Ratings of the Most Popular Models

Carbon Fiber | Composite | Fiberglass

Browse the listings of curling brooms below, and please leave a review of any of the brooms you have used.

Carbon Fiber Brooms

Carbon Fiber is the lightest and most durable material that curling brooms are currently made from. The brooms listed below are top of the line models used by pros and competitive level curlers. Prices for carbon fiber brooms range from $100 to $170 or more, so these options are typically reserved for players who want the best equipment no matter the cost.

Composite Brooms

Composite is a material that combines carbon fiber with fiberglass. These brooms tend to sit right in the middle in terms of price, weight, and durability between carbon fiber and fiberglass brooms. Players looking for a good combination of price and performance will be happy with a composite brush.

Fiberglass Brooms

Fiberglass is the heaviest and least durable of the three materials used to make curling brooms. Accordingly, fiberglass brooms are the most affordable option, and preferred as club brooms or options for new or recreational players.