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Ten Gift Ideas for Curlers

Christmas is fast approaching, and though the holidays are mostly enjoyable, it can sometimes be difficult to find unique and thoughtful gifts for all of the people on your list. If you know a curler, hopefully this list can give you a few ideas to make your Christmas shopping a bit easier. Below are ten […]

Tips for Buying Your First Curling Broom

By Nick Kitinski – When you start curling, you always wonder what equipment you should buy. Do I need to spend a cool $200 on a broom? Well, it is up to you and your budget, but let us help you out a bit and look at the facts. As a beginner you probably only […]

Alternatives to Buying Expensive Curling Shoes

By Nick Kitinski – When you start curling, you often just use the equipment provided by the Curling Club. Usually this will include a worn out 2/32” slider with a rubber band that slides on to your shoe. They glide poorly, never seem to fit your shoe and you have to share it with others […]

The History of Curling

Curling is one of the oldest sports in the world that is still currently played. It was first referenced both in writings and paintings in the mid 1500’s! It is exciting to think that this sport has captivated its players for almost 600 years across multiple continents. It is agreed that curling was invented in […]

The World Curling Tour

As with other sports such as basketball and football, curling also has a professional competitive league which is known as the World Curling Tour. This professional league is relatively new, having been established only in 1992, but has experienced tremendous growth just like the entire sport of curling. The World Curling Tour is currently sponsored […]

What to Expect at a Learn to Curl Session

The first time a person comes out to try the great sport of curling, they will most likely take a learn to curl class. This class is one’s introduction to all things curling: brief history, equipment, gameplay, strategy, and technique. These classes will hopefully spark an interest in curling and lead to the participant joining […]

What in the World is a Bonspiel?

Curling at one’s local curling club is fantastic, but perhaps even more exciting to most curlers is participating in a bonspiel every so often. Bonspiels offer curlers from around the world the opportunity to get together, compete against one another, and help grow their local curling clubs through increased exposure. So what exactly is a […]

USA Curling and the USCA

The United States has an official governing body of the sport of curling which is known as the “United States Curling Association”. The USCA for short is incredibly important because they are in charge of both growing and developing local curling in the U.S., as well as managing the high performance teams that travel around […]

Curling Stones: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Perhaps the most interesting piece of equipment used in curling is the curling stone that is the center of all the action. Most curlers are aware that the stones are made of granite and that the World Curling Federation mandates they weigh between 38-44 pounds, but not many are aware of the very unique island […]