BalancePlus Fiberglass

BalancePlus Fiberglass Curling Broom

About the Fiberglass Broom from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: Patented Tapered design that helps to avoid hand slipping and prevent fatigue. Fiberglass construction and affordable price.
  • Retail Price: $79.95

The Fiberglass curling broom from BalancePlus is a great choice for entry level curlers or anyone on a budget. This brush is not as light weight or quite as sturdy as the composite or carbon fiber offerings from BalancePlus, but it does feature the same tapered design and the same high quality EQalizer brush head and pad. If weight is not an issue, this may be a good way to save a bit of money on your broom without sacrificing a ton of performance.

Additional Facts:

  • Available 4 color combinations (Black pictured here)
  • Tapered design, 1″ diameter at the top 1 1/8″ diameter at the bottom

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