BalancePlus Delux

BalancePlus Delux Curling Shoes

About the Delux Curling Shoes from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: The Delux Curling Shoe represents the dedication of BalancePlus to produce only top performing, and top quality equipment for the game of curling. The Delux is the only welted constructed curling shoe in the world. (From BalancePlus)
  • Retail Price: $279.95

The Delux model from BalancePlus combines top quality construction with a dressy style to create a high-end yet classic shoe. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that this is a curling shoe. The high gloss finish on the upper gives an appearance of a stylish dress shoe rather than an athletic shoe. The sole is welted to the upper rater than cemented, meaning this is as durable as any curling shoe available. The patented BalancePlus slider with added holes for stability is included as well, so you are not going to sacrifice performance for style with the Delux. Overall the lofty price tag is justified by the durability and sleek design.

One review of “BalancePlus Delux

  1. Phil Nelson

    These shoes are quite glossy and they look like something you would wear to a wedding just in case the reception was on a curling sheet! But hey, if you want to look classy on the ice this is a good choice. That said, they are very comfortable and they glide on the ice like a dream. They’re really durable too, no issues of the sole detaching from the upper like I have seen with other pairs.


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