BalancePlus Composite

BalancePlus Commposite curling broom

About the Composite Broom from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: Patented Tapered design that helps to avoid hand slipping, and a design that uses a mix of both carbon fiber and fiberglass to achieve a weight that is between the two other models.
  • Retail Price: $119.95

Composite is a material that is a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. As such, the weight and durability of the BalancePlus composite broom sits somewhere right in the middle of the fiberglass and carbon fiber brooms. This brush is slightly heavier and not quite as durable as its carbon fiber counterpart, but it comes with a more affordable price tag. You will get the same high quality EQalizer brush head on the composite that you would get on the carbon fiber, so if the small difference in weight isn’t going to bother you, save the extra cash and go with composite. This is a great broom that will more than satisfy most club curlers.

Additional Facts:

  • Available 4 color combinations (Blue pictured here)
  • Tapered design, 1″ diameter at the top 1 1/8″ diameter at the bottom

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