BalancePlus Carbon Fiber

BalancePus Tapered Carbon Fiber Broom

About the Carbon Fiber Broom from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: The patented tapered design reduces hand slippage, requiring less effort to create down-pressure and reducing fatigue. The handle fits most curling brush heads, and weighs only 490 grams when fully assembled.
  • Retail Price: $159.95

If you’re looking for a durable, light weight, and effective broom, look no further. The BalancePlus Carbon Fiber broom is among the very best curling brushes available. The handle is made of ultra light weight, ultra strong carbon fiber. The handle is tapered such that the top of the handle is 1″ and the bottom is 1 1/8″ in diameter. This means that your hands won’t slip down the broom as easily as they would on a traditional broom. In addition, this broom comes complete with an EQalizer brish head. EQalizer technology creates more heat than other brushes but without damaging the pebble like other more abrasive head cover materials. Between the high quality carbon fiber and the high tech brush head, you won’t be able to find a better broom.

Additional Facts:

  • Available in 14 color combinations (Gold/Black pictured here)
  • Used by Team Glenn Howard

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