BalancePlus 500

BalancePlus 500 Curling Shoes

About the 500 Series Curling Shoes from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: The most technically advanced curling shoe on the market. Removable sliders and grippers allow for easy customization. Offers athletic styling with superior performance. (From BalancePlus)
  • Retail Price: $239.95 | This Price includes 3/16″ Slider Pods (pictured)

The 500 series is the top of the line shoe from BalancePlus. This shoe features sleek, athletic styling, and an interchangeable “pod” system that allows you to swap out your sliders and grippers at any time. Each shoe has an area in the heel and the forefoot where pods attach via velcro. The shoes come with a set of gripper pods, but slider pods are sold separately and range from $60 to $80 depeding on thickness. Of course the slider pods feature the patented BalancePlus design that pushes your weight to the edges of your sliding for a more consistent delivery. These shoes can be pricey when slider pods are added, but top level or serious curlers will appreciate the top class quality and performance.

3 reviews of “BalancePlus 500

  1. Matt Goodman

    500’s are top of the line in my opinion. I really like the Velcro attachment system, was a bit worried it might pull off during play but has never happened. Only negative is I wish there was a lace cover option on this shoe like some of their other models have, but not the biggest deal.

  2. Sassy Ann

    These are shoddy material and have fallen apart less than one year of use. I took them to a shoe repair store and turned me away as the material was of poor quality. Look elsewhere.

  3. Sam

    I had my shoes for a year and the sole ripped away from my non-sliding foot. Waiting to see if they will repair or refund me money but my guess is no due to being just over a year old. Also the shoes rip-apart when you try and replace pod grippers.


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