BalancePlus 400

BalancePlus 400 Curling Shoes

About the 400 Series Curling Shoes from BalancePlus

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  • Official Description: The 400 Series incorporates a lightweight sole and a proven upper design that will satisfy both the club and competitive curlers.
  • Retail Price: $169.95

The 400 series curling shoes from BalancePlus feture a Thinsulate interior lining that provides warmth and comfort. The slider is available in 3/16″ or 1/4″ thickness (3/16″ pictured here), and both thicknesses come with the patented balance enhancing hole near the ball of the foot. This is BalancePlus’s signature design. The hole in the slider pushes your weight equally to the edges of the foot which enhances stability during delivery. The 400 series is a solid choice for the recreational curler looking for a good value.

3 reviews of “BalancePlus 400

  1. tom roswell

    i have the 400’s with a 3/16th slider. this is my first pair of “real” curling shoes i have ever had. i like them so far, they seem to hold up over time and i have noticed my game improve over using step on sliders that my club provides with my tennis shoes.

  2. Brad Wilcox

    I think my 400’s are overall a good value for the money. For around $150 you can get a competitive level shoe that I would say is good for any new-intermediate level curler. I figured that I am not at a level where I would probably even notice the difference of this or a $300 + shoe, so I picked this model. Ordering was straight forward through a US distributor which avoided Canadian taxes and import fees I’m assuming. fyi.

  3. Delger Ganbat

    I have the 403’s, got them from a Canadian store, so it was a little bit cheaper than buying from a US store.
    Overall, I like them a lot. When trying them on, they felt really heavy walking around. However, they feel fine while on the ice, so the heaviness that I originally felt wasn’t an issue. Also, they’re much faster than I expected.

    Overall quality is around a B +/-.


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