Asham SLAM Ultra Lite

Asham Slam Curling Shoes

About the Slam Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description: This full grain black leather upper with a Velcro┬« lace cover comes with the Ultra Lite Rotator Sole which makes it possible to change and customize your slider with any combination of our sliding disks. Comes with two gripper disks and a slip-on gripper.
  • Retail Price: $219.99

The Slam shoe by Asham is all about classic style, unrivaled comfort, and high quality materials. The full grain leather upper features a seamless toe and a lace cover that will reduce drag from your trailing foot like no other shoe. Combined with the anti-slip softened heel area, you will have a solid foundation for consistent delivery rock after rock. The slam shoes will come with additional insoles so you can find the right amount of arch support and create the perfect fit. You will also be able to change out your slider as often as you like thanks to Asham’s RDS technology. This is truly a high quality shoe for serious curlers.

2 reviews of “Asham SLAM Ultra Lite

  1. Steve DeFelino

    good shoe, warm and flexible. I have found one of my insoles beginning to pull away from inside of shoe, kind of frustrating. I could mail it in for repairs but think i’ll just glue back in properly myself when I get around to it. I always forget about it the moment I get off the ice.

  2. David Nelson

    I like the built in lace covers. Seems to provide more glide for me on the ice and keep everything under wraps. These shoes last a while too I have found.


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