Asham Luca Lovero Ultra Lite

asham by luca lovero curling shoes

About the Luca Lovero Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description:
    Asham is very excited about the new curling shoe designed by Italian Designer, Luca Lovero. Originally an Off-Ice shoe, Asham converted it to a curling shoe with our Ultra Lite RDS™ technology. Combining Luca Lovero’s wonderful designs and Asham’s innovative curling shoe concept brings you the best of both worlds. (From Asham)
  • Retail Price: $209.99

This is definitely the only curling shoe designed by an Italian fashion designer. High quality leather and suede combine to create a sleek look that would catch the eye even off the ice, which is what this shoe was originally designed for. The flexible suede toe will allow you to feel the ice with your trailing foot, but it could cause a bit of drag. This is one potential drawback of using a shoe that was not designed with curling in mind. The materials are also more breathable than a typical curling shoe, which could be a problem if you get cold feet on the ice. Overall, this shoe seems to be a bit more style than substance.

One review of “Asham Luca Lovero Ultra Lite

  1. Adam Basker

    Big fan of my Luca’s. I wanted a shoe that stood out from the crowd and this one does. Lots of people come up and ask me about them when I’m on the ice. Performance is about the same as an old pair of asham ultra lights I had for a couple years. Kind of expensive though is the only downside, I hope I can get 2-3 years out of these. We’ll see, not quite a year yet.


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