Asham Legacy Ultra Lite

asham legacy curling shoes

About the Legacy Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description:
    The Legacy Ultra Lite features a full-grain leather upper and a flared rotator sole for balance and stability. The sole’s versatile flex points increase balance throughou delivery. The seamless leather toe offers reduced drag on the trailing foot.
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The Legacy shoe is all about top quality from heel to toe. The shoe features a full-grain leather upper with metal eyelets and double stitching throughout. This all combines for extreme comfort, durability, and a precision fit. Additionally, there is a seamless toe with a flexible cap that reduces drag and helps to increase consistency of delivery. The moisture wicking lining will keep your feet warm during long games of intense sweeping. And of course, the Asham RDS system will allow you to change out your slider as often as you like.

One review of “Asham Legacy Ultra Lite

  1. Mark Reagan

    Had the legacy ultra lites for a while now. Solid shoe, I enjoy the split slider and think it keeps more contact with the ice when I deliver. Color is ok, wish they made it in different colors so we all don’t have black or white curling shoes. I prefer to stand out.


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