Asham K82

asham k82 curling shoes

About the K82 from Asham

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  • Official Description: This revamped hip shoe features a man-made action leather upper. It comes with a full 3/32″ Teflon slider, rubber gripper and slip on gripper. (From Asham)
  • Retail Price: $139.99

The K82 shoe from Asham is an updated version of the K8. This model has all of the unique features of its predecessor, including the soft suede upper and the stylish pop of color. The electric green trim is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, even if your curling doesn’t! The slider is one solid piece that spans the entire sole of the sliding foot, which can limit foot flexibility for some players. That said, this shoe is also a bit bulky, but it is also super comfortable and will keep your feet warm. Overall, this is a good value shoe for club curlers and the pop of color is a fun touch.

One review of “Asham K82

  1. Chase Connely

    K82’s are hot. Finally some style and warm too. Green and black best color choice, don’t know if they make other color combos. Didn’t break the bank either.


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