Asham K8

asham k8 curling shoes

About the K8 from Asham

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  • Official Description: This hip shoe features a man-made suede upper with a leather toe to reduce drag. It comes with a full 3/32″ Teflon slider OR Red Brick slider, rubber gripper and slip-on gripper. (From Asham)
  • Retail Price: $139.99

You are not likely to find a more stylish curling shoe than the Asham K8. The high quality suede upper fades into a seamless leather toe. The red trim and oversized Asham logo on the outside of the shoe pop against the dark black leather and suede. But this shoe is more than just looks. The sole uses a traditional full-length slider that is available in either teflon or red brick. At $140, this shoe is a great value for the price.

2 reviews of “Asham K8

  1. Jaden Bryce

    best design in curling shoes. would actually wear these around if I could. performance is solid and good value.

  2. Cori W

    Blew out the inner heel on the slider foot barely 2 seasons in. Wasn’t a fan of these shoes anyway as they stretch out during the course of a game making me retire my shoes multiple times. Not a fan.


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