Asham Grand Slam Ultra Lite


About the Grand Slam Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description: This attractive and technically developed leather upper features a zipper closure to cover the laces and a seam free toe to reduce drag on the back foot. It comes mounted on our new innovative Ultra-Lite sole with Rotator disk system. Gripper disks and slip-on gripper included. (From Asham)
  • Retail Price: $204.95

The Grand Slam shoe by Asham is all about sleek style, high performance, and top quality materials. The zip closure that covers the laces combines with a seamless leather toe to reduce trailing foot drag to almost zero. The ultra lite sole and interchangeable RDS slider system will yield high performance and hold up over the long haul. This is truly a high end shoe intended for high level curlers.

One review of “Asham Grand Slam Ultra Lite

  1. Nick Kitinski

    I have the older version with exposed laces. They are well insulated and keeps your feet warm for hours. I like the Rotator disks, where I can easily exchange my disks and gripper disks when needed. I mainly curl on arena ice and like the 5/32″, seems to be a good choice. I have had these shoes for about 4 years and they seem to hold up pretty good so far for a once a week game play.
    The down side would be the cost of rotator disks, if you like to replace or carry different styles. But again, they fit most of their shoes, so should you ever change shoes, you could use your old ones. If you have a wide foot, these will be a good choice, or Asham in general, compared to other brands.


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