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asham force mens curling shoes

About the Force Men’s Curling Shoes from Asham

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  • Official Description: This top of the line full-grained leather curling shoe is priced just right with a full 5/32″ Teflon slider, rubber gripper and slip-on gripper. The Force shoe is also available with a full red brick slider.
  • Retail Price: $209.99

The Force shoe from Asham features a single 5/32″ slider that spans the entire surface of the sole. This type of slider trades flexibility for stability. In other words, your foot will not be able to freely flex and bend due to the rigid slider, but you will be more stable in your delivery. The slider can be hinged to increase flexibility, or you can add a toe dip and lace cover to reduce drag.

2 reviews of “Asham Force

  1. James Smart

    I have worn my new pair of Asham Force for 3 curling sessions so far and have mixed feelings. I went from a much thinner slider (1/16th) to this pair with its 5/32’nds slider and was expecting much more responsiveness. I experienced a bit I guess, but not as much as I thought I would. Perhaps my expectations were too high. Also I felt the gripper sole on the other shoe was quite slippery at first but I think it is getting better the more I curl on it. On a positive note, I will say this shoe has way more comfort, quality, and style than my last pair (Tournament Eagle’s). Asham makes a quality product, and I fully expect this pair of shoes to last at least 2 years for me, so the overall investment of around $230 is not too steep.

  2. Paul Coppel

    My forces are decent. On the plus side they are very warm and have held up almost a year now pretty well. On the minor negative side I would advise anyone ordering a pair to go 1/2 to 1 size smaller than you normally would. My feet seem to float around inside mine and it’s a little distracting.


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