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About the Exchange Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description:
    This durable PVC upper on our Ultra Lite Rotator Sole has interchangeable color inserts. Easily change the color of the side panels. Colors included are: green, yellow, red, blue, pink, silver and gold. Comes with two gripper disks and a slip-on gripper.
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The defining feature of the Exchange shoe is that you can customize the color of the side panels to suit your style. Aside from that, this is still a top quality curling shoe. It features the lightest high-tech synthetic material on the market, which provides both durability and comfort. The slick finish on the upper reduces drag from your trailing foot and increases consistency of your delivery. The flexible toe cap also adds control to your slide. Your feet will stay dry and warm thanks to the moisture wicking lining, and of course you will have access to Asham’s RDS slider technology with the Exchange Ultra Lite.

One review of “Asham EXCHANGE Ultra Lite

  1. Brian Kitterman

    The color exchange thing doesn’t matter too much to me, but it is different. I have basically left one color in mine forever now, not like I switch out to match my outfit that day but maybe some people do! I got them because of the price point and the style with the laces uncovered. For some reason I’m not a fan of most curling shoes these days having some flap go over the laces. I wanted reasonably priced shoes that looked like normal shoes I would walk around town in. Happy so far.


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