Asham Composite Curling Broom

asham composite curling broom

About the Composite Broom from Asham

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  • Official Description: Asham composite broom handle, pictured with with performance head.
  • Retail Price: $109.99

Asham’s composite handles are made with the same table-rolling techniques that are used to make professional quality hockey sticks. These brooms are composed of a blend of both carbon fiber sheet and lightweight fiberglass for a great balance of weight and strength. The oval pad (pictured) is made of durable synthetic material that will hold up to rigorous sweeping, and it attaches to the broom head with super sticky velcro which makes replacement quick and easy.

Additional Facts:

  • Available in 3 Color combinations
  • Available in 3 different broom head shapes; performance (pictured), oval, and rectangular.
  • Available in 1″ or 1 1/8″ handle diameter

2 reviews of “Asham Composite Curling Broom

  1. Chris Spencer

    This broom is solid. I have the same color as pictured. It is very light and I think a good value.

  2. James Smart

    I’ve been using this broom for about a month now. I think this is a great mid-level option with the right balance of performance, weight, and price. I have the exact model pictured too and one more thing I like about it is the color makes it really stand out on the ice. As we all know there are often times you are not sure “is that my broom, is that your broom?” because most brooms are black with some minor color mixed in. This color pattern “pops” and I can tell from anywhere where I left my broom. I like to use unique items and this broom fits the bill. -james


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