Asham Competitor Ultra Lite


About the Competitor Ultra Lite from Asham

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  • Official Description:
    This new and improved pebbled PVC upper on our Ultra Lite Rotator Sole with a Velcro® lace cover, features two 3/32” Asham White sliding disks, two gripper disks and a slip-on gripper.
  • Retail Price: $129.99

This stylish curling shoe from Asham features a durable and comfortable synthetic upper, which has been double stitched for maximum durability. The seamless toe reduces the drag of the trailing foot which helps increase consistency of delivery. The flexible toe cap also aids in delivery by maximizing feel to help you read the ice. The built in moisture wicking lining helps to keep feet dry and warm, while Asham’s trademark RDS Technology provides an adaptable and interchangeable sliding platform.

2 reviews of “Asham Competitor Ultra Lite

  1. Tom Sawyer

    I’ve used these shoes for over two seasons. They are very comfortable and well designed. The replaceable disks are nice as they add longevity to the use of the shoe. When the time come to replace the ones I have, these will be my first option.

  2. Alex Post author

    I have been using the Asham Competitor shoes for for a few months, and overall I like them a lot. I chose to purchase two 5/32″ slider disks as an upgrade from the 3/32″ disks that are included.
    Initially these shoes were very slippery on the ice, by which I mean the grippy parts were not so grippy. After a few uses though, the grippers seem to have broken in and I am much more stable. These shoes are made of high quality materials and are well constructed. The balance and stability of these shoes have helped me improve my delivery, which is exactly what I hoped would happen when I made the purchase. Based on my first few uses I wouldn’t expect to need a new pair of curling shoes for at least a few years.


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